Starting date for the 11th edition of Master in Transportation & Automobile Design: MARCH, 2019


What is Master TAD?

Master TAD is a Specializing Master in Car Design
of the Politecnico di Milano held
jointly with Volkswagen Group
and managed by

It is a pathway to excellence for those who seek scientifically rigorous training to meet the professional challenges that automakers’ design departments are offering in this era of far-reaching change and radical innovation in the industry.


How can you access to the Master TAD?

  • Application Info

    University degree in industrial designarchitecture or engineering.

    The admissions board reserves the right to admit candidates whose degrees are in other fields.

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    The course Elements for Transportation & Automobile Design (ETAD) is designed to prepare those interested to enroll in the Master TAD.

    It’s offered to enable the partecipants to sharpen their presentation skills in a design context.

  • Application Info

    Portfolio with projects and sketches

    – Application form

    – Updated Curriculum Vitae

    – Scanning of Degree containing the exam transcript and the final mark

    – Scanning of ID document or Passport

  • Application Info

    Send an updated portfolio with your projects and sketches.

    Remember to explain the design process. From the first ideas, through its evolution to the final presentation.



What career opportunities offers Master TAD??

Every designer involved in car design works in teams with people who can have the same skills or not.

The Master in Transportation & Automobile Design is designed to form a designer figure
capable of developing his own creativity,
integrating it innovatively with the academic knowledge of training scenarios
and experiencing the entire process of style’s developing, typical of the automotive industry world.

Exterior Designer

He/she designs the shape of the exterior surfaces of cars…

Interior Designer

He/she designs the car’s interior

Color & Trim Designer

He/she designs the last two millimeters visible in all the car…

Multimedia Designer

He/she deals with multimedia showcase inside and outside the company…