Starting date for the 11th edition of Master in Transportation & Automobile Design: APRIL, 2019


What is Master TAD?

Master TAD is a Specializing Master in Car Design
of the Politecnico di Milano held
jointly with Volkswagen Group
and managed by POLI.design.

It is a pathway to excellence for those who seek scientifically rigorous training to meet the professional challenges that automakers’ design departments are offering in this era of far-reaching change and radical innovation in the industry.


How can you access to the Master TAD?

  • Application Info

    University degree in industrial designarchitecture or engineering.

    The admissions board reserves the right to admit candidates whose degrees are in other fields.

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    The course Elements for Transportation & Automobile Design (ETAD) is designed to prepare those interested to enroll in the Master TAD.

    It’s offered to enable the partecipants to sharpen their presentation skills in a design context.