[TAD12] GoPro Chiòs

TAD12 thesis | GoPro Chiòs


EMMANUELE Campinotti
EMMANUELE Campinotti
SIMONE Toninato
SIMONE Toninato

GoPro Chiòs

Chiòs is the perfect vehicle for 2050 tourism. Compact and adventurous, its goal is to entertain a couple of passengers. Chiòs will accompany them for a dive as well as for a ride in a natural protected area. The small Polynesian islands are its natural habitat.

The body shape derives from the manipulation of a sphere, the shape most suited to resist the submarine water pressure. Thanks to the wide window, the infotainment system and the built-in cameras, Chiòs is the perfect choice to enjoy a highly immersive experience. Its bond with the GoPro brand is unmistakable.

The goal of the project is to reduce to the minimum the distance between the users and usually unaccessible routes. The safety of the passengers must be granted, together with the integrity of the natural areas. No special skills are needed to enjoy the experience, thanks to the autonomous drive. The cruising mode is managed by four engines, two of them are directional, and one stabilizing wing. The maximum depth that can be reached under water is 25 meters. The door to enter the cabin is built-in on the seats back, in order to preserve the visibility from the main window. The immersion and surfacing manoeuvres are managed by inflatable air tanks on both sides of the cabin. In the interior, the material and finishing choice is inspired by boats while the 3D pattern of the lights reminds the bioluminescence of sea creatures.


Vehicles for hybrid environments

In the next 30 years we will see great socio-cultural changes, triggered by climate changes of which we are becoming increasingly aware. These changes will lead us to face old and new problems with a new awareness and a different look at the future of vehicles for the mobility of people. Standard vehicles, capable of traveling only on normal roads, may be inadequate to deal with congested traffic of large megacities and unstable environments that may be directly affected by climate change.

  • AIR | a vehicle capable of traveling on the road and flying at low altitudes to overcome natural obstacles and traffic jams
  • ON WATER | an amphibious vehicle capable of accommodating a family with a high level of comfort on both land and water
  • SUB WATER | a vehicle with a design capable of taking it underwater to a depth of 25 meters

Each vehicle was designed by linking it to a brand, chosen directly by the students for its consistency with the design objective with no direct involvement by the brand’s owner; brands from the world of consumer products and fashion were also chosen, and not only from the automotive world.