10 years of TAD

The exhibition of Master TAD’s 10 years

As part of the annual TAD master Showcase 2019 exhibition a part was devoted to the past.

A retrospective on the history of the master told through the people and projects that were part of the family.

The first two editions, in collaboration with FCA – still Fiat Group Automobiles – dealt with very clear and contemporary design topics: Alfa Romeo Spider for year 2012 and the new Maserati GranTurismo for year 2020. Later, also more abstract concepts were addressed, such as that of a space in motion, declined on the Audi and Bugatti brands in the 6th edition. The investigation about future of mobility is always there and in the 3rd edition, the first in collaboration with the Volkswagen group, the design topic is electric mobility for public services for the city of Milan, looking at the incoming Expo. Electric vehicles have been a recurring theme over the years, sometimes directly (in the 5th and 9th edition when the electric culture for mobility was explored for Audi brand) sometimes indirectly (as in the 7th edition with a research on self-driving vehicles). The theme of sportiness was included in the design guidelines twice, albeit in very different and mediated ways: in the 4th edition, dedicated to the research about urban sportiness for Porsche, and in the 8th edition, where the topic was the contribution of aerodynamics on cutting fuel consumption on different vehicles types for Audi.

Photocredits: Lab | Image @Polimi

Here the projects showcased: