Welcome Day TAD13

On the 24th of March 2021 the thirteenth edition of the Master TAD began

Poli.design and Politecnico di Milano will continue the remote teaching as long as conditions require and as long as it is possible to bring the class together totally in presence (also taking into account the different situations that different countries face at different times).
Master commitment will always be to maintain a high level of teaching.

So, the first part of the Master will be held online. The welcome day has been conducted using the Cisco WebEx Meeting platform.

The class consists of students from: Italy, Canada, India, Lebanon, Palestine and Spain.

After Flora Gaetani, communication manager, welcomed everyone, Thiago Ferreira, of International Affairs @POLI.design, told us about Polidesign’s international relations, after presenting the institutional video. Then, Giovanna Parracino, of Training Office @POLI.design, explained some organizational issues.

At this point Prof. Fausto Brevi, director of the Master, explained the didactic organization.

Alessio Tommasetti, Wacom ambassador, presented Wacom, partner of the Master, which provides Cintiq pro to our students.

At the end Alice Pignatel, course coordinator, introduced the Faculty and students introduced themselves.