Lecture to Dallara Automobili

22th of February 2018 | visit to Dallara Automobili

On 22th of February 2018 the students of the ninth edition of Master TAD visited the Dallara Automobili – Varano de’ Melegari (PR).

Continue the fruitful collaboration started 2 years ago and told in this article.

During the afternoon the students visited the company starting from the Aerodynamics department before moving on to the driving simulator and finally arriving at the department of Carbon Fiber (R&D and prototypes development).

Last stop: the new Dallara Stradale showroom, the result of a dream of Ing. Dallara, president of Dallara Automobili. A dream nurtured on racetracks all over the world. The racing technology applied to the pleasure of driving. A unique product, designed to enhance the company’s key skills: carbon fiber structures, aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics.

I like to think that Colin Chapman, which I began to admire since the days of his Lotus Seven, would appreciate the essentiality and simplicity of this car.

This project sums up everything we learned from racing and from collaborations with our clients, and I am convinced that those who will use this car will be able to try the pleasure of driving for the sake of driving. They will get in the car to take a nice ride and to experience the pleasure of driving.”

    – ing. Giampaolo Dallara